Class work.

I think that this didn't go so bad in class last night. I was able to correct a lot of the things I screwed up in the under painting because Meadow showed me what was up in a quick demo. If you haven't seen her work, I highly suggest you check out http://www.meadowpaint.com/ .
She was full of helpful stuff like more paint and less thinner, which was a clear issue on under painting, also, I fixed a lot of drawing issues that were present in the under painting.

Color helped me define the shape on the light side way better and Meadow gave me some awesome tips on core shadows. And I had better (color) reference, instead of a B&W folded up photocopy. You can tell on this painting though that I still need to knock the green on the dark side of her face back even more. I plan on doing that so I can call this exercise more or less final.

This is a burnt sienna under painting, with ONLY Ivory Black, Cadmium Red Light, Yellow Ocher, and White (Zorn Palette). Can you believe the blues from ivory black plus white? It shocked me, relative color is awesome. It's way easier to get good results when you just got done watching an awesome demo from a incredibly talented teacher.

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