Delivery Bug

So we have to do a delivery bug for the concept class, here's what I came up with. A friend from class ( cuca's cabana :: katherine brannock ) was doing a cyborg (cybug? :D) motorcycle kinda thing, and it made me think of an all mechanical bug....so I drew this. This is what happens when you cross a UPS truck with an orb weaver spider. Delightfully weird.



So I'm supposed to be making a half submerged Atlantis, and its supposed to be an Atlantis that's never been seen before. I decided the tale of Atlantis and the tale of Jonah are two tellings of the same story and that Atlantis (island and all) got eaten by a giant fish, and the few remaining inhabitants have lived in his belly since then. They have turned aquatic themselves and grown much larger in his belly, a side effect from whatever originally made the fish so large.

I made several thumbnails of other, lesser ideas before I settled on this one, but I'm only going to put up my fishy ideas today.