Eclipse Exalted

Here's my newest character to play in an upcoming Exalted game run by a friend. I know what she looks like in my head, I know what caste she is, but I have no idea who she is yet. I can't wait to find out.

Update: I've decided it's not really a "she". Since kabuki is usually guys, I've decided this guy got cast as a girl allot because of how feminine he looks. He has played this persona so much that the makeup and kimono version of himself is the one he most identifies with. Once he became exalted he found a hearthstone that lets him physically switch genders....this has caused some problems for him in the recent past.

His name is Hiromi, so it works either way.

Hiromi is a Japanese name with two meanings depending on the gender of the person- Girl meaning: Depending on the characters used to represent the name, it can mean ''spreading beauty'' or ''extensive beauty.'' Boy meaning: It is represented by characters meaning ''Universal.''(from babynamer.com)

Is that perfect or what?


Liono Redesign

So I'm taking a concept art class at Watts Atelier of the Arts so I can stay current and not be bored, and this was our first assignment, to redesign a character of our choice. So I picked Liono. The speedos has to go, they were too dated, and so I decided to give him a more leonine look and update him to the more anime inspired trend that animation is getting. This is what I came up with.


J from my D&D game.

So my friend is playing a devourer character, he takes on the different aspects of things he's eaten. Some big mage named Jim summoned or created him, and carved a flaming J into his forehead....and was promptly ended. Then this creature began to eat. So far he has eaten his creator, a celestial porpoise, a rock golem, some sort of acid beetle, a really nasty spider thing, a dretch, and a unicorn. This is what he looks like after all that. Freaky. Can I even call it a "he"?