Monkey in a Teapot

This was a request drawing, it's a monkey in a teapot. I think that explains itself... This is in that blocky style I've been working on. It's meant to be an AIM icon.


Screwing around with shapes

Here's a picture of my friend Robin, this is screwing around with the shapes on his face. This is like A Scanner Darkly and really reminds me of the 80s for some reason.

Warlock Custom

I customized my Warlock figurine, here he is in all his shiny, new glory. I don't recommend trying to add LED lights to small spaces, I don't even think his wiring is right. I'm not going to leave him on for long periods of time, because he needs a resistor and doesn't have one. Anyway, his skulls and burning areas glow in the dark and he has evil red eyes and a new paint job. Whew! That was allot of work.


Splint and Chain armor

I was rummaging around on my computer for inspiration and found this sketch I did a few months back, I liked it, so I thought I'd post it. It's a loose concept for splint and chain armor, very impractical but attractive. This would have to be "magic armor" to provide any real protection.


Mary's Blog

Welcome to my blog. I am an artist currently working in the greater Los Angeles area and want to push myself to draw for my benefit on a more daily basis, instead of only working on client's projects. I've decided to start posting sketches as often as possible.

Warning and disclaimer: Some of these sketches may show human anatomy, they are not pornographic in the least, but if the naked human form offends you in any way I would suggest you go to another blog.

If you like my artwork, please visit my website at www.marypoplin.com.